F< FAQs - Personal Loans Singapore - Need Some Cash Fast?‎


1) How do I apply for my loan?

Fill in our enquiry form today to receive information about our loan services directory so we can start advising you

2) Eligibility Requirements

  1. a. Singapore Citizens
  • Pay slip from the last 3 months
  • Your original ID card
  • Your contribution statement for CPF
  1. b. Foreigners
  • Your valid passport
  • Your employment pass – valid
  • Pay slip for the last three months
  • Mobile phone bills or your PUB bill
  • Your tenancy agreement
  • Your employment letter
  • Your bank statement – preferably where your salary is banked

3) How will I know you have approved my loan?

Fill in the enquiry form on our website today. We do not entertain walk in appointments

4) What happens if my credit is not as good as I would like it to be?

We have loan packages for those whose credit is not too good. We will be sure to customize something for you.

5) Once my loan has been approved, can I say no?

Yes you can. You have the right to change your mind even after the loan has been approved. You are under no obligation to take the money.

6) If my loan has been disapproved, can I learn why?

Unfortunately our company policy does not allow us to disclose any of that information.

7) I need to put in an application but I am not ready to give all my personal details over the internet. What can I do?

If you come to the office we will be happy to print out the documents so that we can process your loan.

8) Is it possible for me to take out another loan once I pay off this one?

Yes you can! We will be happy to lend you more money as long as you meet the eligibility criteria when you put in your application. Of course that will be subject to the laid out rules and regulations given in the moneylender act.

9) Is there a fee for processing my documents?

There is no fee for processing of documentation.

10) If I have a question, can I call your company?

Yes you can. Our customer service representatives will be ready to answer your calls and to provide the information that you need.

11) Is it possible to take out a loan when I already have another one?

Yes it is possible. We will assist you in putting in the application. However, depending on the amount already owed, we reserve the right to change the amount of the new loan and the period of repayment.