Personal Loans

Personal loans in Singapore are available to be used at your discretion. They can be used to make purchases such as a new car, washing machine or even a sofa. They can also be used to go on vacation and take the break you have been dreaming about at a destination of your choice. In some cases a pressing need may arise that will need you to take out personal loans that you can repay with time. This is usually a loan that is not secured.

However, it is not the same as a credit card loan or an overdraft for that matter.With these loans you have a fixed payment that you make over a fixed period of time. In most cases even the interest you pay is also fixed. Perhaps this is one of the best things about personal loans – the fact that you can put it in your monthly budget and know that the figure will not change from month to month. With an unsecured loan like this one, you can borrow as much as S$25,000. However, if you need more than that, you will need to provide some form of security. Either way, you need to adhere to the terms and conditions of the loan.