Secured Loans

Secured loans work well for people who have assets that they can attach to the loan. If the amount you are borrowing is over the threshold given for unsecured personal loans, you will have to provide security. This is a good loan for someone who is looking to build their credit. If your credit score is low it may be difficult for you to get unsecured personal loans in Singapore because you are considered a risky borrower; but that risk is reduced once you secure the loan. It is important when you take a secured loan that you do not go beyond what you can pay back comfortably. Otherwise, you would be putting your asset at risk in such a scenario.

Some of the advantages of secured personal loans include:

  • You can get a larger amount of money than with an unsecured loan
  • The interest rate is lower than for an unsecured loan
  • It has a fixed payment from month to month making it easier to budget.

The options for secured loans are widely varied and you will have to shop around to get one that fits your needs. When looking around, consider the interest rates being offered as well as the terms and conditions for secured personal loans in Singapore.